About Us

With 29 years of experience in the digital antenna services industry

About Us

With 29 years of experience in the digital antenna services industry, AntennaPros is the service provider you have been looking for your entire life. With our recently celebrated anniversary, you can now get 25 years of warranty on our digital antennas.

Here at AntennaPros, we only work with the highest quality HD digital antennas designed and manufactured in Australia, which comply with the Australian Standards Code to tackle all kinds of weather abuse and still stand strong. Antenna installation service in Australia is a competitive line of business and we have all the intentions to stay in business as we have done for the last 29 years.

We have been serving customers ranging from the North shore, the Hill District, Sydney Western Suburbs, Canterbury, Bankstown, and the entire Western Sydney region.

AntennaPros has been operating with pride in these areas. We cover both residential and commercial properties. If your property happens to be in a construction stage, we will pre-wire your entire house so that you don’t ever have to worry about antenna installation services anymore.

All the services that we provide are guaranteed to last and we offer the manufacturer’s warranty on all the parts installed. Our technicians are the best in class and qualified under the Australian Government Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme for antenna installers, so you’ll receive services like never before.

Our services include antenna installation, wall mounting and TV set top boxes, antenna repairs, digital tv antenna installation, insurance work, home theater installation, HD antenna boosters & amplifiers. We are proud to provide a discount for our pensioner clients.

Reasons to Work with Us

  • Top of the line digital TV antenna installation services 
  • Best in class antenna repair services 
  • Fully Insured Public liability Cover
  • Make extra TV points and outlets 
  • Pre-wiring your entire home if it’s in the construction stage 
  • Unconditional service warranty
  • We Provide No Call Out Fee and Free Quotes 
  • 25 years of warranty on digital antenna installations 
  • Over 15 years of experience in the field as a business 
  • We provide the highest quality parts made right here in Australia