Our Technical Team

At AntennaPros, the technicians are the ones who make the magic happen

Our Technical Team

At AntennaPros, the technicians are the ones who make the magic happen. We follow the highest standards when it comes to the safety and training of our technicians. All of our employees hold our values near and dear to their hearts and it’s reflected in their work. 

We have strategically placed our teams into different locations. Each team consists of technicians who are equipped with a different set of expertise and knowledge regarding new technologies. They are able to assemble an entire digital antenna system from scratch and install it at your location. 

The technicians are highly trained in their respective fields and they are very dedicated to using their expertise to give back to the community. We work with commitment. We adapt to the situation and fulfil the demand through innovation and intelligence. 

The horizon of knowledge for our technicians doesn’t end at the technical aspects of digital antenna installation services. They undergo several basic fields of training in order to ensure maximum safety and convenience while working on your projects. 

The most common fields of training include: 

  • Traffic control while working outdoors
  • First aid in case someone gets injured
  • Pole rescue in case someone gets stuck
  • Extensive knowledge regarding electronics
  • Extensive knowledge regarding radio frequency as it can interfere with the antenna signal quality

Although we have all the policies and fields of training in place, accidents might still happen. It’s the nature of human life. We can’t predict the unpredictable.

What we can do is place measures in place so that we can recover from an unfortunate event. Such measures include: 

  • Work Cover insurance policies in place 
  • Workers Compensation in case of an accident 
  • Internal policies to make sure everything is covered if something goes wrong 

With that said, you can rest assured that your needs will be addressed professionally and to the Australian Standards at AntennaPros.