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How not to fall into the trap of ‘cheap’ antenna installations that end up being very costly indeed!

If you’re looking for a company to install your antenna in the Western Sydney region, it might seem that you’re spoilt for choice. But sometimes the service is not all it’s cracked up to be. At Antenna Pros, we pride ourselves on our high-quality parts, service, and aftercare. We make sure we’re always up-front about the costs and expectations of our customers.

If you’re looking for a top-quality installation this handy guide will help you to choose the best service for your requirements and avoid some common pitfalls that lead to problems and headaches further down the line—whichever service you choose.

Our top piece of advice when dealing with TV antenna companies is that sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more in the first instance. This is to make sure you get the service you deserve and aren’t stung by hidden costs further down the line. Not everyone is as up-front as we are!

1) Check Exactly what you’re paying for

When you see a deal that feels too good to be true, that’s because more often than not it is. Does that deal for a $199 antenna installation include EVERYTHING you need or are there hidden costs? The most common way companies hide costs is by not giving you the picture in their quote.

As an antenna non-expert (That’s why you’re hiring someone, right?) you might not think to ask about certain things, and then along comes the final bill and you’re left feeling out of pocket.

Be careful that these ‘cheap’ install quotes include both the cost of the antenna and also the labour needed to install it. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask. Any legitimate company will be happy to provide an itemised quote.

Also, beware of the difference between the terms quote; a set-in-stone cost, and estimate; liable to change before the invoice arrives.

2) Be wary of upselling

Upselling is a standard practise of any sales professional. From your local coffee shop (“Would you like a piece of cake with that?”) to tempting extras in car showrooms and real estate agents.

When it comes to a TV antenna, you may get a great price over the phone but once the technician arrives you find that settling on that price is soon drifting out of reach.

Always be vigilant to upselling, even after you’ve agreed on a price. The most common things to watch out for are:

  • Being offered better quality parts or components. Not only is this a slightly underhand tactic to employ, but it’s also a big clue that the antenna you have been quoted for is probably low quality, hence the great price.
  • The technician discovers difficulties or issues while installing your agreed antenna. This may require additional parts or extra labour time. But remember: if you have a quote this is their problem to overcome, not yours.

The best way to avoid the above is to work with a company like Antenna Pros that will only quote a job after a thorough onsite survey of your needs. One price and we stick to it, no hidden nasties.

3) Beware of cheap antennas or parts

The antenna is the most important part required for a good, reliable TV signal. You may be drawn in by a great price, but I promise you’ll end up paying more at the end (if the antenna is low-quality).

Things to look out for to make sure you’re getting a top-grade antenna are:

  • Is it designed for Australian frequencies?
  • Is it/can it be cut to size for your local area requirements?
  • What is it made of? The elements should be made of high-grade aluminium tubing.
  • Is it sturdy enough to withstand years of birds landing on it? If it looks flimsy it probably isn’t worth the risk.
  • Does it have a 4G/LTE filter? This is to remove unwanted mobile phone signals and vital to avoid interference in the TV system
  • Where was it manufactured? The best antennae are made in Australia and designed to last in our climate. Others manufactured overseas may not stand the test of time in the same way.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions of the salesperson or technician. Make sure you’re getting an antenna that will last and not one that will need to come down and be replaced before you know it.

4) Check what aftersales care you’ll receive

Most decent Australian-made antennae will come with at least a 25-year warranty as standard. Always check what warranty is on offer before you make a purchase. We always hope that nothing will go wrong, of course, but a warranty offers reassurance if it does.

A company with a conscience will offer great after-sales care. You can call them post-install and they’ll be just as accommodating after they’ve taken your money as they were when trying to win your custom. Here at Antenna Pros, we pride ourselves on our after-sales care; offering free after-service call out to any defective parts as well as a ten-year replacement warranty on our Australian-made HD digital antennae.

5) Ask about the technician’s qualifications

Installing antennae is a skilled job. So obviously, you want to be assured that the person doing the job has had enough training, right?

Sadly some unscrupulous installations are going ahead with technicians using guesswork, rather than knowledge and skills to get the job done to a high standard.

You’ll also want to know if something does go wrong that they have all the relevant insurances to make it right. If they are adequately qualified this should be a very rare occurrence but either way it’s not worth taking the risk.

Any reputable company will be happy to explain their technicians’ training, qualifications and the insurances they hold to make you feel that you’re in safe hands.

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