At AntennaPros, the technicians are the ones who make the magic happen


Being a local business is always great because there’s always an opportunity for growth. At AntennaPros, we always focus on growing our business, which requires hardworking and talented individuals. 

As we operate all across Northern and Western Sydney, we’re always in need of professionals to take care of our valued clients. If you consider yourself a hardworking individual and see a future in the antenna installation field, we welcome you to join our talented Staff. 

We have done excellent work in the past and as a team, we intend to keep our reputation. So, we need your help to grow the team and cover more areas and satisfy more clients. We have been growing exponentially and you can be a part of this awesome team as well. 

At AntennaPros, we need TV antenna technicians, customer service executives, officers for dispatch, etc. If you manage to get on the team, you’ll be joining Australia’s fastest-growing TV antenna installation company. 

However, there are some criteria that you have to meet in order to be on the AntennaPros roster. 

  • You are required to have your own van or similar vehicle in order to operate remotely 
  • You must be a hardworking individual who can work long hours without a drop in performance 
  • If you meet the requirements, it means you are reliable and clean with your work. We’ll hope that you’ll maintain your reliability throughout your career with us 
  • Having your own tools and insurance is advised. We can work around this rule if you can show us your true potential. But having your own tools already gives you an edge 
  • You have to be eager to learn. The technology world is evolving and no one can learn everything that goes on the TV antenna installation field. So, having an ‘I know all’ mentality will disqualify you in the first place
  • Having good skills with people and minimal sales knowledge regarding the industry will go a long way at AntennaPros 

If all of this sounds like you, don’t forget to get in touch with us!